Managing Your Team (Roles & Permissions)

ProgrammaticIQ has a list of predefined user roles and privileges for your team. There are permission levels at the Account level, User level and Dashboard/Report level. This article will discuss how to add users, edit users or deactivate a user, plus how to set roles and permissions. For a detailed description of user roles and access, please see User Roles and Permissions.  

Adding Users in Your Account

1.  Navigate to ‘Accounts’ and click the blue + sign.

2. Add User Details.

Click Next.

3.  Select User Role and Permissions.

Please see About User Roles and Permission for a thorough description of user-based access controls. 

Click Next.

4. Review and Add User.

If everything looks good, click on ‘Save User.’

How to Edit a User

 Only Admin users have the ability to edit a user’s permissions.

 1. Navigate to ‘Account’

Click on the pencil icon on the right side under Actions for the user you want to edit.

2. Select your New User Permissions.

Be sure to click Save Changes.

How to Deactivate a User

 Only Admin users have the ability to deactivate a user.

1. Open the User’s Account.

 Click on the Power icon on the right side under Actions for the person you wish to deactivate.

Note: If the icon is grayed out, it means the user is already deactivated.

2. Confirm you wish to deactivate a user.

Click on Deactivate.

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